We do understand the seriousness and need of ensuring the security, privacy and confidentiality of their client’s information, and thus they are committed to the security of client’s data. The Client’s data and information is protected by firewalls which control network connectivity and are sophisticated enough to ensure the integrity of the system. The connectivity process does not expose the client’s data at a greater degree of risk as compared to when client’s American based staff accesses the system.

Cameras on each floor including server room

Recording on hard disk

Remote viewing possible

Round the clock security guards


Firewall Security for Network Infrastructure

WiFi Protected Access (WPA)

Physical Security

Paper Free Network

Clients to have their own local area network secured by either separate physical network or through separate V-Lan to ensure complete data security.

Antivirus protection at each virus entry-point.

Updating program and virus pattern files to protect from virus.

Disable floppy drives access on all workstations

Check and clean all floppies before using.

Perform virus-cleaning exercise on a regular basis.

Back-up and offsite storage.

IOS assures the protection of confidential information through the design and operation of its systems and communications links.

Comprehensive training.
Accent and diction training.
Extensive training to overcome cultural issues.
Client involvement.
Client to communicate and judge the offshore staff to evaluate their command of the language.
Clients input in employees’ selection process.

Companies opting not to outsource will have a much higher operating cost as compared to business outsourcing. Companies, which anticipate and react quickly to the changing business environment often, come out on “Top”! Due to higher operating cost non-participating companies will not be able to maintain competitive edge and their survival will be in jeopardy. Companies resistant to change will become extinct!

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