To achieve maximum results, we strive to work with our clients in each and every aspect of the business. We ask and expect client to be involved with our staff. We expect and want our client to monitor our progress. In short! our Staff and office work as an extension or branch office of the USA Client. Instead of employees sitting in the next room they are sitting at your desk and you can monitor them through computers. American Business has access to the staff working overseas on real time basis.

The process work in following phases.

Before Our Client decides to use our services we ask our client to get in touch with our Offshore Staff, and talk to them on any subject to get an idea about their communication skills. Once satisfied then go to the next step.

We offer 250 hours free service with absolutely no obligation at client’s part. After the test service if client is not satisfied, client may walk away with no obligation whatsoever. Satisfied with the test result then go to the next step.

Simple agreement to use our services with no long-term obligation. Either party is free to walk away with two-week notice. We believe in retaining client by providing quality service and not by binding contracts.
After we have assigned the necessary team of professionals to work with client’s portfolio of debts, each and every member of the team is trained on the debts they are going to collect. The Client will be very much involved in the training. As a matter of fact client will be the one training our staff.

After Client has assigned debtors information; our offshore center would access that record by logging into the client’s system. Pretty much the same manner, as Client’s American based staff would be accessing. The collectors would update the client’s records, as the system would require them to do so, making it accessible to American Client on a real time basis. The incoming calls can be handled in two ways:
A new toll-free number situated at Offshore Call Center or Client existing toll-free number.
All payments including auto payments would go to the client directly. We do not receive any payment directly from debtors. We just facilitate the process of collection.

In case of any complaint against any collector an immediate action will be taken. After client brings the complaint to our attention, the collectors would be immediately removed from active collection duties till complaint is resolved.

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