Interactive Outsource Asterisk Server is a bundled high End server with the relevant software to run a call center. This server will house Asterisk, the open source PBX integrated with Predictive Dialer, the open source call center. IOS will configure every seat of the call center. All the software running in this are web based and can be accessed remotely. Therefore, agents can log on to the server remotely from any site via VPN.

a. Easy-to-manage and monitor Outbound dialing system

b. Supports multiple types of Outbound calls

c. Agents can be assigned into Groups

d. Automatically selects the next Outbound call from the dial queue

e. Server automatically dials the number and connects the person.

A powerful solution to manage customer contacts, complaints and reported incidents. Multi-stage issue tracking and management, i.e. front desk, back office, quality assurance function, Email integration Complete MIS reports showing status at each stage, pending/ complete issues, performance at each stage, aging Integrates with all industry standard .

Voice mail is an organized system of managing incoming messages for individuals or entire departments. It speeds up the slow process of retrieving messages from a receptionist. Today, technology has advanced to ensure you receive your voice mail notifications quickly and can retrieve them easily. Apps Communications provides voice mail systems that efficiently balance the communication requirements between your employees and customers. The voice mail system offers a number of ways to not only leave a message, but also retrieve your messages. .

Conferencing is a way to conduct business discussions between three or more callers over the telephone. Each caller dials the given telephone number at the agreed time from anywhere in the world to reach the ‘’conference room’’. Tele-Conferencing offers many benefits including faster access, more focused meetings that can be instantly arranged, and reduction in costs associated with inviting staff from other locations to attend meetings. It also helps a business in frequently conducting group communication with partners, principals and investors, whenever required.

Call transferring option that allows the caller to be redirected from one place to another. Those misrouted phone calls no longer have to be passed around to receptionists, or asked to call back to the correct number.Your callers can now be transferred to the appropriate employee without delays or aggravation to your client. Call transferring plays an important role within the workplace. Many times calls have to be transferred within the work environment itself. It’s not always a matter of someone not being present at his or her desk.

They may be dealing with a pressing matter on the phone, when an important client calls the office. Rather than putting them into a voicemail, their assistant has the option of using the call transferring feature to direct them to another person anywhere.

The demand for call recording has increased dramatically in recent years, as businesses face the competitive challenge of improving customer service, optimizing the workforce, improving business processes, and complying with new legal requirements.

Because it is software based, VoIP recording can be less expensive than digital recording solutions, since it requires no phone line taps or third-party telephony cards and fewer servers. No complex installation is necessary as recording requires only a server to run the software and a data switch for port mirroring (a method of monitoring network traffic).

Outbound calling refers to phone calls made by a company to a specified list of contacts. The outbound dialing solution gives contact center managers the tools to proactively contact customers in order to improve customer satisfaction. The solution allows seamless delivery of automatically dialed calls to any person to maximize resources and productivity.

With the outbound dialing solution, contact center managers just need to select specific criteria such as name, area code, profile, and past purchases; calling lists are generated from the organization’s customer database. The solution allows for the simultaneous execution of multiple locations and the creation of multiple calling lists for the same location as desired. The solution is tightly integrated to the overall contact center infrastructure solution; therefore, calling lists and outbound campaigns are dynamically updated, as is the centralized contact center database.

You can’t assume that callers will know which extension to enter to reach the right agent. Contact Center removes the guesswork from inbound calling with comprehensive call routing capabilities. Its interactive voice response (IVR) collects caller information, such as account number or department requested, and quickly identifies the nature of each incoming call. Meanwhile, the automatic call distribution (ACD) feature automatically routes the call to the appropriate agent based on the caller’s needs. With a touch-tone telephone, callers can intuitively navigate to the person most capable of resolving their problems. They can even complete tasks on their own, such as finding your office locations and business hours. You improve

first call resolution, shorten average call times, increase customer satisfaction, and cut operational costs.

Contact Center is providing different reports & Graph to allow the person to analyze quickly and easily the traffic on their server. All the graphic & reports are based over the CDR database. Telephone exchanges generate so called Call Detail Records (CDRs) which contain detailed information about calls originating from, terminating at or passing through the exchange.








Predictive Dialing System is a set of programs that are designed to interact with the Asterisk Open Source

PBX Phone system to act as a complete inbound/outbound call center suite.

• Inbound, Outbound and Blended call handling

• Outbound agent controlled, broadcast and predictive dialing

• Web based agent and administrative interfaces

• Ability to have agents operate remotely

• Integrated call recording

• Three Way calling within the agent application

• Scheduled Callbacks: Agent Only and Anyone

• Scalable to hundreds of seats

• Ability to use standard Telco lines and VOIP trunks.

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